Create, collect
The features of iDentials allow you to create and maintain all your activities easily and quickly. Depending on your needs, you can define all the information you need to collect from every kind of people.

This high flexibility make of this software a universal solution that meets the needs of the majority of businesses
You can manage all your content online, allow multiple people to collaborate and share information. All data in the system can be accessed by anyone you authorized and you have control over who sees what.

Managing all activities of the company related to badges and identification, as one cohesive unit, is a critical element to overall success.
Identify, Associate
You get all the technologies available in the market to best meet with your needs: Barcoding, Magnetic strips, RFID, NFC.

The software adapts to your needs: access control, loyalty points, access to the canteen, membership enrollment etc. ... Your rules are the rule.
Print, encode and manage your badges and ID cards has never been easier. With the same software, you create and manage your models and print your custom badges directly.

The software does everything for you, including managing the entire lifecycle activity and associated badges. All in one: you can say goodbye to Excel sheets.